Participation beyond elections

Access to information is a right that should be extended to all citizens. In South Africa, language is a major barrier to the extension of this right. Our publications engage people in vernacular languages  that are underserved, ensuring that they participate beyond elections.

Our Newsstands

Combining newsroom experience, knowledge of language and clean layout is our winning formula. Our readers do not only enjoy informative articles, analysis and breaking stories but they also learn more about the language. All our publications come with in-depth writing, supported by a lively design and layout format, photographs and illustrations. The information is compressed and written such that all sectors of our society can read and understand the meaning.

Beyond News Business

As a company we believe that one of the most important aspects of socio-political and economic reconstruction is the ability and willingness of communities to dialogue in the pursuit of finding meaningful and lasting solutions to existing problems. 

Usizi Lwabohlanga

Our journalists are encouraged to use their sense of community to respond to pressing issues of the day and champion causes that not widely recognised or fashionable but yet have a lasting social value. Over the years, we have highlighted issues of disability, poverty and abuse of vulnerable groups in our society. These issues are raised in our publications and are elevated to national discourse and action.