Beyond News Business

As a company we believe that one of the most important aspects of socio-political and economic reconstruction is the ability and willingness of communities to dialogue in the pursuit of finding meaningful and lasting solutions to existing problems. 

Inkundla Yabantu

In ensuring popular participation beyond elections, we organize regular Inkundla Yabantu Sessions in partnership with various stakeholders. The sessions are impartial and tied to no political party or ideology. 

The main goal of the sessions are to create a neutral platform for engagement of a broad array of stakeholders including representatives of local and provincial government, parliamentary, chapter nine, traditional 


leaders, NGOs, CBOs, academia, business and the media, with the support of leading experts. The sessions also provide opportunities to develop shared insights and priorities; provide advisory input and recommendations for focus and action by key stakeholders; and identify and support existing initiatives which offer promising opportunities for collaboration and scaling.

Usizi Lwabohlanga

Our journalists are encouraged to use their sense of community to respond to pressing issues of the day and champion causes that not widely recognised or fashionable but yet have a lasting social value. Over the years, we have highlighted issues of disability, poverty and abuse of vulnerable groups in our society. These issues are raised in our publications and are elevated to national discourse and action.

Hlaziya Ipolitiki ngolimi lwakho

As part of citizen education Igunundu Press has partnered with Ukhozi FM, the biggest radio station in Africa, to produce  and present weekly politics and political economy feature, ‘Hlaziya Ipolitiki Ngolimi Lwakho’. The feature is in IsiZulu and does not only reach the station’s more than 7 million listeners but is also available to worldwide audiences in the form of a podcast.