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Combining newsroom experience, knowledge of language and clean layout is our winning formula. Our readers do not only enjoy informative articles, analysis and breaking stories but they also learn more about the language. All our publications come with in-depth writing, supported by a lively design and layout format, photographs and illustrations. The information is compressed and written such that all sectors of our society can read and understand the meaning.

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Bayede News

A Friday read, the publication continues focusing on educating its readers and creating awareness about active citizenship matters, ethical leadership, political culture, social accountability and global political economy.  With correspondents across all sectors in South Africa and in key cities worldwide,  the newspaper also contains an influential opinion section with several revered columnists.

Every Friday,  Bayede News reaches an influential, isiNguni speaking audience, delivering the latest in news, politics and political economy, business and finance, technology,  lifestyle,  arts,  cultural heritage, Chapter 9 Institutions,  court reports,  and sport.  While continental in scope, our coverage also delivers strong international perspectives.

UBukhosi News

UBukhosi News is the only free publication in South Africa catering for rural citizens. The title not only brings together content and news from across rural KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga but also reports authoritatively on rural political economy, cultural heritage, traditional institutions and leadership. UBukhosi News recognizes rural communities as full citizens who deserve to be heard and also participate in their own development.

Msunduzi News

Commissioned by UMsunduzi Municipality , Igunundu Press publishes Msunduzi News, a monthly publication which informs residents  about how municipality works and ensure popular participation, as required by the Constitution, to secure a participatory democracy and ensure oversight and transparency.


Revived in 1984 by the current Monarch, UMkhosi woMhlanga has become a popular cultural heritage and tourism attraction, which lures thousands of tourists both domestic and international. This spectacular ceremony has not only caught the attention of people all over the world but has brought in a sense of pride to the people of KwaZulu-Natal for their rich culture and heritage. This ceremony, which is an annual event, blends well with the ‘Kingdom of the Zulu’ marketing strategy.  

During the two-day event, thousands of maidens from all parts of the province and elsewhere swell eNyokeni Royal Palace in kwaNongoma. Pulsating song and dance sequences while pounding African drumbeats enhance the festive atmosphere as the nations’ daughters are celebrated. The event climaxes in a colorful procession of the reed bearing maidens who are led by the King’s daughters.  And, during that magnificent period, the Royal Palace of eNyokeni provides a canvass for spectators from near and far to witness a blissful and colourful memorable image of one of the most sacred of Zulu culture being displayed before their very eyes.

This is an event of great beauty, and it is this beauty that Zulu maidens have such a great desire for. The dancing, the movement and the rhythm, the entire presentation of budding womanhood is pregnant with meaning. It is the life of a nation that is being extolled.

It is the newness of every fresh opportunity to make good the rest of life that is being extolled.   It is, in fact the heart of the nation which is being venerated in the promise of things to come through a new generation of women that is being celebrated. The ceremony does not only reflect the rich historical and tourism potential but also helps create jobs for the impoverished locals.

By appointment by the Zulu Monarch, Igunundu Press publishes ceremony souvenir publication,  ezaseMhlangeni . In the supplement the information is compressed into small work for background reading, and so written that all sectors of our society could read and understand the meaning.


Supplements and Special Reports

As part of citizens education we regular publish reports and supplements targeting specific audicance and industries in our society. The supplements are on A3 newsprint tabloid with in-depth writing supported by a lively design and layout format, photographs and illustrations. They are  printed on high quality Envapost paper which provides greater durability and enhanced


Local government remains the most complex sphere of government and contains far more variations than other speheres of government. It is closset to the demands and expecations  of communities. As part of our citizen’s education initiative, our, local government  supplement covers following features; municipal profile, service delivery review , local economic development, public participation, municipal budgets amd finances  and integrated developments plans. 


Our parliamentary and legislative supplement , IKhokhasi assist citizens in understanding   policy making and implementation. On the other hand, the supplement is a unique  platform for law makers to make report back to the electorate about their work including  current , accurate  and objective information on parliamentary and legislature committee proceedings.