Transformation of media as an institution is paramount, not only in terms of ownership at a high level, but value chain development that touches the very end of media consumers like in rural and semi-rural areas. Our newspaper and publishing business was born of necessity, launched for the purpose of transforming the media industry. It is this belief which made us unafraid to invest in new ideas and talent.


In 2004, Nhlanhla Mtaka founded the company that would become Ingabadi Media Group. His vision was to create a diversified Afrocentric Company with interests in newspapers, magazines, book publishing, marketing, digital media and services, political communication, research and development. Hard work, determination and the involvement of several highly skilled individuals have borne desired and predetermined fruits. It was not long before this dream was realized. Today, Ingabadi Media Group is a recognisable brand built on intelligence, responsibility, and results.

In 2014, Mtaka invested in the newspaper industry and currently he is the publisher
of three isiNguni titles; Bayede News (investigative), UBukhosi News (community) and
the digital ElaboHlanga. Through its tireless work in investigative journalism excellence while fending off government departments and municipalities that were utilizing their budgets to gag Bayede News, the wonderful stories that were generated did not go unnoticed.

The company has hired not less than twenty full and part time staff who possess immense skills in journalism, photography, political research and analysis, political economy and a variety of other skills. Through in-house production and studio facilities, the company publishes newsletters and supplements for public consumption where the information is compressed for background reading. The newsletters and publications are written in a way which makes them appealing to all sectors of society.


Our guiding philosophy is that the guardians of any democracy are the citizens.  Our mission is to promote participation beyond elections, that is informed by our belief in active citizenry and in their willingness and ability to organise themselves.


In 2018,  Bayede News  was  recognised by the South African National Editors Forum (SANEF), when nominated as a Finalist for the Nat Nakasa Award for Media Integrity. This was first for an isiNguni commercial tittle and at the time Bayede News was celebrating its fifth anniversary. The growth and loyalty of our readership over the years have enabled us to deliver in a short space of time,  setting  a new standard for enterprise journalism and vernacular newspapers in South Africa.